Stéphane Fortin and Alexandre Le Leyzour, both of whom have extensive experience in economic analysis, market development and market research, founded the company.

Stéphane Fortin, M.Sc.

Stéphane Fortin is an economist who holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Economy from HEC (1983). Prior to founding Abscisse Recherche, he worked with in both the private and public organizationssector. Among other functions, he was director of strategies and market research at the Aéroports de Montreal. Over During his career, he has developed and directed numerous economic studies, financial analyses and inquiries related to marketing, promotional and commercial strategiesy.

Alexandre Le Leyzour, Ph.D.

With a Master of Science degree in Applied Economy (with a specialization in Econometric and the Economy of Transportation from the HEC in 1983), Alexandre Le Leyzour acquired a Doctorate in Business Administration (marketing). He has conducted over 300 marketing research and economic analyses mandates during his career as a consultant. A member of the Centre for Research on Transportation, he has also taught economics and marketing (product and brand management, consumer behaviour and commercial research) at the HEC for over 20 years.